Lions outside my tent…

It’s 5am in the Kalahari and I believe there’s a lion pawing the door of my tent. Well, he’s leaning against it at the very least, but it also sounds like he’s having fun ripping up my welcome mat- it’s made from dense shade netting so it’s the perfect scratch pad for a giant kitten.

Another just started knocking around the tin jug I used for my sponge bath yesterday. ‘That’ll teach me to leave anything on the floor…

To be honest, when I woke up, I wasn’t quite sure what was outside my tent. It sounded like there were a lot of them, there was definitely something brushing against the thorn trees beside my bed. Something grunted and I actually thought it was a herd of gemsbok,, but then the scratching started. Trying NOT to imagine lions outside my tent ( ’cause that’s just stereotypically ‘paranoid’, right?), I went through the list of animals that are the size of ponies, travel in herds/packs of 10 and scratch apart netting like giant kittens. Unfortunately for my overactive imagination, there are only a few options on that list. They all begin with L, end in N.

At this point I heard my director bellow out of the darkness, ” OI! You lot! BUGGER off!”. The man-sized kittens outside my door stopped batting around my tin wash jug and frantically scampered around my tent. I found out later that instead of “buggering off” they decided to go tell Tim what they though f him (TIM = Tasty Interactive Morsel). They were a little surprised when Tim whipped out his ‘banger,’ which is a cross between a pen and a rocket propelled Black Widow firecracker.

To cut a long story short – Tim, having hopped in his land-rover, eventually chased off the 12 (He said it was at least that many) young adult lions.


~ by lionsoutsidemytent on March 19, 2011.

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