Continent hopping

You know you’ve been working hard when getting off an 11hour flight leaves you feeling well rested and fresh compared to when you got on. Moving house really takes it out of you, and there’s so much work I just haven’t got to this week. I’m sitting at the airport in Heathrow waiting for my connection to Los Angeles in about 2 hours and contemplating cheating my gluten free diet just so I can have one of the delicious looking sandwiches at the bar here. Starbucks is a good 15min walk away and I’m way too lazy for that right now. Its also all grey and misty which just adds to the laziness. Well, there’s a contrast for you: Misty Heathrow vs. the blazing sun in the Kalahari.

So I’m off to LA again! We’re re-speccing some of the complexities of the 3D rig, as well as repairing some gear. The radio transmitter on my follow focus remote stopped working on the 2nd last day, back home it goes to have a loose wire fixed.
Look forward to working alongside the American tech crew again, they’re all super efficient and really great to work with, that, and one gets to play with a whole bunch of toys there that still only exist as rumors in SA.

In the mean time I need to get writing on my AC’s report for that meeting, guess I’ll do most of it on the flight there. So much wiring to do though, still need to finish the spec outlines for four short courses a new film school in joburg wants to run this year.


~ by lionsoutsidemytent on April 3, 2011.

One Response to “Continent hopping”

  1. Busy lad. You seem to have passed the English weather on to Gauteng. 15C and wet all day today. Hope LA was warmer even if too busy to see the weather.

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