African Adventure pt. 2 – The operating room

Well, there might not be any hair raising escapades listed in this blog entry, but I’m getting pretty excited as the shoot draws nearer. We’re in the third day of gear prepping in Maun for the next leg of the African adventure – the Okavango, via BaLlOoN! Its going to be a Blast!

What was our modestly sized camera bay has become jam packed operating room as we’ve gone from having one large 3D zoom rig to about 6 different 3D rigs, and we’re still waiting for more to arrive. Here’s Bobby, surrounded…


One of the great things about working on a film like this is the toys one gets to play with, and sometimes it really is like playing doctor as well. We spent the day applying razor blades to make gel’s fit behind lenses and even got to open up one of our custom built “Skinny-mini” Si2K cameras… not that I was smart enough to take photo’s of either of these delicate operations, but here at least is the operating table…


And then here are our original “Tombstone” Si Mini’s.


These wide-angle machine lenses are great! really looking forward to seeing what we get off the balloon with them. Can you imagine trekking up the whole of the delta in a hotair balloon? What better way to see it (without being eaten by crocs or sunk and trampled by hippos)… funnily enough, the balloon only fits two, so I’ll be tailing along below, dodging reeds, water lilies and crocs.


~ by lionsoutsidemytent on April 29, 2011.

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